JIB Cranes

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JIB Cranes

Imperial Precision Manufacturing knows workstation JIB cranes.

JIB Cranes

Imperial Precision Manufacturing JIB Cranes lift and transport materials in a full true 360 degree rotation with concealed utilities for either air or vacuum. Utilizing a jib crane will enable employees to pass materials to adjacent workstations.

JIB Cranes offer 180-360 degree rotation in a circular area. Jibs are available with straight or articulating booms. Standard mounting consists of floor or pillar, but may require a special foundation in some cases. Movement is freer at the end of the boom, but becomes more restricted as the load is moved toward the pivot. If more that 40% of your work is done within the inner half of the radius of your straight boom jib crane, you may want to consider an articulating jib.

Monorails are a simple solution to an application requiring linear travel along one axis, and are most commonly used in maintenance, storage and transfer areas.

Benefits of a JIB Crane

-Multitude of options and designs including: floor, ceiling rail or wall mounted.

-Available in custom portable and low profile options.

-Maximize your space


Types of JIB Cranes:

Wall mounted

Free Standing

Rail Mounted

Straight Booms: floor or wall mounted

Articulating Booms

Custom Portable

Low Profile