VacuHoist Models

Quality you can trust with a quick turnaround.

Micro, Mini, & Standard Units

Our most popular units cover a wide range of handling capability, expanding our ability to meet your lifting needs.



For the repetitive lifting of lighter loads, this mini has the capacity to handle up to 95 lbs. All mini units are equipped with a standard 12″ extended handle.



For those on a tight budget, VACII models offer VacuHoist quality with simple valving. Will allow manipulation of simple porous loads (bags & boxes) up to 95 lbs.



Our standard unit, the VH160 affords great flexibility while lifting a wide variety of objects weighing up to 150 lbs.; the VH180 lifts loads up to 225 lbs. For added versatility, the VH180T utilizes extra motor/compressor capacity, boosting lift capability to 275 lbs.


Developed for the user who wants VacuHoist quality, but who does not need the precision of our standard valving. The VACII is designed specifically for simple porous load lifting (ie. bags & boxes), for those on a tight budget. The VACII-160 will handle up to 150 lbs.

Multiple Tube Units for Heavier Lifting Tasks


VH2160 or 2180

The same power doubled! Utilizing a double lift tube design, the VH2160 has a lifting capacity up to 300 lbs. The VH2180 lifts up to 350 lbs.



Three lift tubes on the VH3180 boost your lifting power to a maximum 500 lbs. Also gives you flexibility in maneuvering multiple objects.