Standard Accessories

Quality you can trust with a quick turnaround.

Simple Answers for Special Needs

A number of available accessories enhance your VacuHoist system’s ability to answer your lifting needs.


10250 and 10260

Quick Release Top and Bottom. The 10250 attaches to the suction head and the 10260 attaches to the end effector. Also available for VH120: 30250 (quick release top), 30260 (quick release bottom).


10350 Bottom Swivel

Enables the load to rotate 360 (without rotating the handle).

Also available for VH120: 30350


10801 Angle Adaptor (90)

Enables the load movement from vertical to horizontal. Also available for VH120: 30800


PUJ 001 Universal

Aids in lifting loads at various angles. Application examples: rubber bales. Also available for VH120: PUJ 002


PBF002 Bin Filter

Approximately 500% capacity of our standard 1100 filter. Designed especially for bag lifting applications with ability to hold an entire 100 lb. bag of flour in the event of bag breakage.


ACCH001 Acoustical Hood

Aids in reducing motor noise and protects from hostile environment.


Lift Tube Cover

Provides abrasion resistance in harsh environments.


Motor Compressor Table

For mounting of motor and compressor to wall or ErgoSys” Jib Crane. Available in two sizes: large to be used in conjunction with acoustical hood, or small for motor and compressor only.


Flex Handle

Optional attachment which allows operator to reach to the top of stacks or across wide product without over exertion. Can be custom-made to any length. For use on VH120 unit or larger (VAC II units N/A)


Handle Bars

Gives the operator one more place to grip for precise placement of the load. Available on VH120 unit or larger.