Special End Effectors

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Custom Designs for VH Models

If your product or materials require special handling, we can custom design an attachment to safely and efficiently lift and maneuver it. Below are some examples of specially designed end effectors.


Drum Dumper (manual)

Ergonomically designed controls are bi-directional and indexed for stopping every 15″ to provide ease of lifting, maneuvering and unloading of product. Available for models VH160 and VH180


Spider Foot

Six adjustable suction cups enable the lifting of a wide variety of round or flat objects. Available for models VH120, VH160, and VH180T. Shown with extended flax handle.


Monitor Screen Lifter

Top and side suction feet enable secure movement of non-uniformed products. Available for models VH160, VH180 and VH180T.


Side Drum Lifter

Four curved suction feet permit easy lifting and maneuvering of cylindrical products when loose fitting lids are a concern.

Available for models VH160, VH180 and VH180T.


Toilet Lifter

Three suction feet grab fully assembled toilet, allowing easy loading/unloading of shipping container. Can be modified for specific toilet models.



Two curved suction feet adjust to lift different length rolls. For models VH160 and larger.



Curved foot adheres to radius of steel roller for easy lifting and maneuvering. Customizing available to fit any diameter. VH160 or VH180.



Two mini pad feet can be re-positioned on spreader bar to accommodate special spacing restrictions. Shown lifting sleeve packs with VH90A. Also available for the VH120.

Custom Designs for VH Models

Our talented engineering staff is available for customizing to your individual needs. Below are some recent designs.


10710 Offset

Standard suction pad is attached to a custom frame which allows products to be lifted from beneath shelves or other obstructions.

For use with VH160, VH180, or VH180T



A modified version of the 10670. Two adjustable round pads attach to sloped sides. Shown here lifting a picture tube. For use with VH160 models and larger.



Six adjustable pads on a cross-bar allow lifting three boxes simultaneously. Photo shows lifting of three 90 lb. boxes totaling 270 lbs. For use with VH160 models and larger


Pallet Lifter

Adjustable hooks on cross-bar allow operator to adjust for quick and easy grab of varied pallet sizes. For use with VH160, VH180.



Round suction foot with plug plate sized to seal roll core. Enables easy lifting of wide variety of rolls. For use with VH160, VH180, VH180T.



Using VacuHoist’s spring-loaded valve, this particular foot is designed to lift a 130 lb motor compressor. Hook attachment can be styled for numerous applications where vacuum cups are not practical. For use with VH160, VH180.



Two mini bag feet are attached to spreader bar, giving flexibility in spacing.

Shown lifting silicon blocks in plastic bags. For use with VH120 or larger.



Lightweight model suction foot, custom-built to grab and lift on a curved surface. Can be designed for any diameter. For use with VH120.