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VacuHoist is a self-contained vacuum-powered hoist that provides a safe and efficient way for an operator to lift maneuver and lower virtually any object up to 600 pounds (272kg).

Ergonomics is simply defined as something that is designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort and thereby maximize efficiency at a reduced effort. The preceding definition is one directly from a dictionary. While being rather dull, it does serve to begin to explain why a company should make the investment to purchase a VacuHoist unit from Imperial Precision Manufacturing.

Government regulations of the workplace are a fact of life. OSHA, NIOSH, EPA, and a myriad of state agencies make regulatory compliance a nightmare for any business owner or anyone in charge of regulatory compliance for any business, large or small. Worker injuries cost money in lost time and production. In fact, an average workers compensation claim of $20,000 can quickly escalate to $100,000 or once more indirect costs are factored in. Coupled with increased workers efficiency and a one-time capital expense of purchasing a VacuHoist unit and/ or an ErgoSys rail system can quickly generate a significant return on investment. You improve the bottom line of any business that relies on any manual material handling task. You can also improve worker productivity via a Vacuhoist unit, again allowing for an increased bottom line. With the economy currently lagging, doesn’t it make sense to increase the bottom line with a quick and easy purchase of a VacuHoist unit and or a ErgoSys rail system from Imperial Precision Manufacturing?