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Swiss turning machines are a surprisingly rare offering from different machine shops. It takes some extra machining prowess which you’ll find at Imperial Precision Manufacturing. We offer Swiss turning solutions for your operation’s problems.

What is Swiss Turning

A Swiss turning machine is a lathe that feeds the material itself. This might not seem like a big deal, but it means that the piece is always being cut directly where it’s being held and supported.

At Imperial Precision Manufacturing, we know that cutting closer to the supports results in a better piece.

Benefits of Swiss Turning

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of benefits from our Swiss turning machines. Every benefit leads to smoother project delivery for you.

  • Less tool chatter

    This means better final parts and smoother cuts.

  • Higher accuracy

    This is good news for pieces that are supposed to assemble together.

  • Tighter tolerances

    We can hit tolerances that other machine shops can’t when we use our Swiss turning machines.

  • Saves time

    Since the machine can automatically machine the OD, make bores and holes, and feed the material, we save a lot of time when we use this over a traditional lathe.

  • Faster turnaround on bulk orders.

    Thanks to the automatic feeding of stock material, you’ll get your bulk order quicker.

Precision Swiss Screw Machining Services PA

Uses for Swiss Turning

We will determine if the Swiss turning machine is right for your operation. Generally, we prefer to use this machine for:

Swiss Turning
  • Small and/or intricate pieces

    Watchmakers commonly use Swiss turning machines for their parts. Does your operation have a need for parts as intricate as watch parts?

  • Robust solutions

    You’ll also find Swiss turned parts in heavy construction equipment. We have the capability of providing robust solutions for your company – it’s not just for small and complex parts.

  • Bulk orders

    Since the machine feeds the material, we can make identical cylindrical pieces on a single piece of stock, automatically fed and fabricated through our machine. This means a faster turnaround time for you.


Why Choose Imperial Precision Manufacturing?

At Imperial Precision Manufacturing, we want to meet your operation’s needs. When you need accurate, reliable, and intricate parts, you can turn to us.

Imperial Precision Manufacturing provides precision swiss screw machining services to fill your demand for precision tolerances and a variety of specialized surfaces.

Clients trust us because we always exceed their expectations. We have built our machine shop around your needs. We do everything under one roof.

We manufacture, quality-check, and finish your parts before sending it to you. You don’t have to worry about overpaying for us to subcontract work to another shop. We have the experience, confidence, and ability to get your project done.

Give us a call and talk to one of our experts. We’ll tell you what to expect, and we’ll decide if Swiss turning is the right solution for you. If it’s not, then we definitely have the right machine for you in our shop.


By maintaining control over the entire production process, we ensure consistent quality from small to high volume production runs. We create precision machined parts on time and to the highest standards.


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Imperial Precision Manufacturing provides precision swiss screw machining services to fill your demand for precision tolerances and a variety of specialized surfaces.


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